Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gearing up to cheer on Tavish Scott in tonight's leaders' debate #spdebate #greatscott

Only an hour and 13 minutes until the election campaign really kicks off with the first of three leaders' debates.

I bet the four leaders are all in various states of nervous meltdown. It really can't be a pleasant experience, especially when you remember what a game changer they were during the Westminster elections last year. I don't envy any of them. They will have spent many hours preparing for this, with colleagues playing the other leaders. I'd love to know who played Tavish in each of the other parties.

Obviously I'll be there with laptop ready to cheer on Tavish Scott. Some of us were having a wee chat on Twitter this afternoon about what our cheerleading hashtag should be - we had #gonick and later #iagreewithnick last year. I reckoned #greatscott might work and some others seemed to like it, so we'll give it a try.

I really, really hope that Tavish and Annabel get enough time in there to stop it becoming a screaming match between Gray and Salmond. Their FMQs sessions each week are frustrating and uninspiring.

All the leaders need to remember that the issues they are talking about tonight affect real people's lives. To me a good debate will be real and practical and illuminating. A bad one will have a lot of rudeness and shouting and general arsy behaviour. They all need to step up and give us a quality, serious debate that has substance and passion.  Am I asking too much.

Anyway, off to open a nice bottle of red. I think a glass is in order..................

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