Thursday, March 31, 2011

East Lothian SNP candidate David Berry tells carers' hustings he doesn't know about respite care

Word has reached my ears that East Lothian SNP candidate David Berry told an incredulous audience at a hustings meeting in Haddington that he didn't know about the respite care situation in East Lothian.

It was all the more remarkable because:

  •  the event was run by carers
  • he was until last May the Leader of East Lothian Council until he stood down to "hand over the reins to someone whose more emollient style may be more effective in continuing the teamwork"
  • he is still an administration councillor in the area
You would think, wouldn't you, that he would have properly researched what the Council's provision was and what local people needed before turning up at the event? 

He's written about this on his own blog, where he said:
The hardest question for me was about a major lack of respite provision across the county. Although I knew there was a problem, despite my involvement with ELC’s revamp of ASC and listened closely at the last CEL AGM, I simply had not appreciated either its top priority, nor its scale and frankly admitted as much.
Although he acknowledges his own shortcomings, there's no offer to do more to help struggling carers. I'm sure that's not the response local people would expect from someone who wants to be their MSP.


Chris said...

Given that Dave Berry and the SNP in East Lothian took such as strong stand on the issue of Leuchie House (as did most parties), I'm doubting that this yarn is as accurate as you'd like to believe....

Unknown said...

The Lib Dems' Jim Hume was also very active in that campaign.

It was good that it won a reprieve.

Bob said...

I suppose Mr Berry could have just made it up as he went along I suppose. Like a certain Lib Dem Leader ;)
Telling the truth and saying ' I don't know'.
Whatever next ?


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