Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Flippin' Eck - ways of celebrating Pancake Day

It's not really Pancake Day - we should I suppose call it by its proper name, Shrove Tuesday.

I am a bit over-excited tonight, having discovered that I am a tiny bit awesome in the pancake making department. Enough previous attempts have ended in disaster to convince me that I simply can't make pancakes but, at the suggestion of my husband, I used a different pan tonight and they turned out really well.

We had savoury ones with a chicken, white wine and tarragon sauce and sweet ones with maple syrup and ice cream. I am now so pleased that I have found my pancake making mo-jo that I am determined to make Crepes Suzette on Saturday. I'll let Bob do the setting on fire bit, though. There might not be enough luck in the world for me to manage it without burning the house down.

So that's us. I was thrilled to see Stephen again at the weekend. Since he moved back to Northern Ireland, he's gone from geek into purple clad, fairer votes advocating geek. And now, today, he's transformed into pancake flipping purple clad fairer votes advocating geek.

Take a look at this. I discreetly flipped mine with a palette knife. This is something else. What a show off!

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