Monday, May 16, 2011

Annihilation and Wild Garlic - Alex Cole-Hamilton hits the blogosphere

Yesterday afternoon saw the Edinburgh Central thank you party. The campaigners and activists gathered to eat some delicious food (that banana cake, that table, that chocolate cheesecake thingy, yum) and do all the thanking and being thanked that's associated with these events.

Clearly, and unfortunately, we didn't manage to send Alex to Holyrood this time, but there was still some celebrating to be done. I was only a tiny part of the awesome campaign machine, but it was such a good experience and I've made friends I'll have for life. We've put a lot into this campaign, but we also got something back. Being part of something so positive, with so much camaraderie and teamwork is really good for the soul - and that team is determined to fight on together.

I can't imagine for a second Alex will stop campaigning - it's just not in his DNA, but he at least has some spare time now to spend with his lovely and rapidly expanding family whose newest member is expected this Summer.

It's good to see that he's hit the blogosphere again. He was one of the party's earliest bloggers, but had to give up in the run up to the 2007 election. It is true that Those Who Think They Should Be Obeyed in the Party asked him to stop, which I thought was wrong. However, even if they hadn't, it's hard to see how someone of even Alex's energy could manage to keep up blogging and campaigning at that intensity.

Anyway, get Liberal Landslide into your bookmarks and blogrolls because he has a lovely way of writing - very refreshing and original.

If our hopefully soon to be confirmed new leader Willie Rennie has any sense, and I think it might just be possible that he does, he'll get Alex into some sort of role which involves him motivating party members and communicating Liberal values to the Scottish public. He is one of party's brightest lights and it's important that we get him out there as much as possible. He may not have made it to Holyrood this time, but he's a vital part of the Scottish Liberal Democrat future.

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