Wednesday, May 04, 2011

If you live in West Fife..........................................#sp11 will remember how energetic, compassionate and hard working this man was when he was your MP. So many were shocked when he wasn't re-elected last year. An 8% swing in his favour, on a night when everyone in Scotland was clinging onto Labour like it was a security blanket, was quite impressive and indicative of the high personal regard in which he was held.

While in Parliament, Willie fought against turning Rosyth into a nuclear sub dump. He introduced a law protecting learner drivers. He helped over 9000 people with over 20,000 separate problems in 4 years. He fought for the carriers and did much to support local businesses.

Willie is now standing for Holyrood on the Mid Scotland and Fife list. Help him get there by voting Scottish Liberal Democrats on your peach ballot paper. You know how hard he will work on your behalf.


Crawford Farquarson said...

"Willie fought against turning Rosyth into a nuclear sub dump"

Well that didn't work.
The problem is that no one believes anything that people like Willie say anymore. They can do U turns as soon as they're elected.
The Scottish Water debt sell off is a step towards privatisation. Unless the debt is taken on by a charity who don't want any profit.
Plus of course the Lib Dems didn't ask their London bosses whether it would be ok.

Unknown said...

I think Willie's record speaks for itself.

As for Scottish Water, it will remain in public hands as a Public Benefit Corporation. It will not be run or owned by private companies.

We don't have bosses in London and it would be wholly inappropriate for the UK Government to comment on a manifesto pledge. We will pursue this in the next Parliament by negotiating with the UK Government Scottish Water owes money to the Scottish and UK Governments and the Scottish Government's share is £1.5 billion. It's a simple matter of debt being repaid.

cynicalHighlander said...

The Treasury rules Caron so any money they get hold off will be diverted to what they say and no politician can alter that.

From a party that now supports Trident, new nuclear power plants, student fees in England, privatisation of the NHS etc. Your boss Nick will not be happy in upsetting his friends in Westminster.


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