Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Willie Rennie hits London to fight for RAF bases and Green Investment Bank

The media's full of Alex Salmond's meeting with George Osborne, but he wasn't the only Scottish political leader in London yesterday.

Willie Rennie was there to meet Nick Harvey to put the case for keeping the Scottish RAF bases, which are vital to their local communities. He also met Vince Cable to add weight to the campaign for the Green Investment Bank to be located in Edinburgh.

Willie said:

“I am down in London today to meet with UK Liberal Democrat Ministerial colleagues on two specific issues.
“I am continuing the work that Tavish Scott and Michael Moore have started, pressing the case for keeping both RAF bases in Scotland open. The bases are both vital not just for Scotland and the communities they serve but to the safety of the UK.
“I am also here to campaign on bringing the Green Investment bank to Scotland. This will keep Scotland at the forefront of exciting new developments, capitalising on work already started here."
I also heard a rumour that he was in our party HQ in Cowley Street. I'm hoping that, among other things,  he was meeting people and putting the case for better and more relevant bulk e-mails. I note that we got one on the day he was elected leader which made no reference to that fact at all. I will let that one pass, because it did all happen quite quickly. However, I'd like to see something to members from Nick congratulating him.


cynicalHighlander said...

A career politician publicising himself all at taxpayers exspense but he has form in that. What are Scottish Lib Dem MPs at Westminster doing in protecting Scottish interests nothing?

Unknown said...

Our ministers in the Coalition are delivering the biggest devolution of power since the Act of Union. It's pretty impressive stuff. It's not enough yet, but we'll get there in time. We don't need to have everything today.

Mike Moore is not some evil Unionist Oppressor - he's delivering a significant devolution of powers and it would be very difficult for him to do more given Labour and Tories don't want any more devolution. So if you have any ire to take out on people, take it out on the Tories and Labour.


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