Friday, May 27, 2011

A word about comments

As you know I love it when people comment here. Some of you, though, get a wee bit anxious if more than five minutes elapses before your comment is published.

At the moment, I'm having trouble posting comments from my phone - it just doesn't seem to be able to find the comment published page for some reason that I can't fathom.

So, I can only publish comments from my laptop. That means that it might take a bit longer if I'm out and about. And now that I'm not ill any nore, I tend to have a bit more of an out and about life.

You should know me well enough by now to know that even if you are being pretty insulting, you'll get published. There are limits - racism, sexism, sectarianism or homophobia or anything similar is a red line, as is making unsubstantiated, potentially libellous claims about people, but there's only really ever one person who's crossed those lines and obviously doesn't get published.


fails to agree - delete said...

Any comment that fails to agree with you is immediately deleted Caron so I'm not sure what you're getting at.
You support Chris Huhne despite the fact he ran off with his lesbian lover after using his wife to get elected. And claims to care for the planet while owning 7 homes and driving like a maniac. Do you really think if someone thought the planet was near to dying they would own 7 homes. If I believed the global warm scam I'd sell up immediately and give the cash to eco charities.
You support David Laws despite the fact he claimed he was paying rent to a landlord and not his gay lover. £40K gone. Four years wages for a poorly paid worker. How can you support this theft ?
Nick Clegg continues to bleed your party of support in the country and you continue to support this sock puppet of the Tory party. How can you sleep at night while he agrees with bombing innocent children in Libya ? Who authorised this attack on a foreign country which posed no threat to the UK. It's Iraq and Afghanistan all over again.
More troops will die for Camerons ego to remain intact.
Shame on you and your Unionist party.
Choose Scotland not English imperialism.
Switch to the SNP. Working for Scotland and avoiding foreign death and misery.

Unknown said...

What a load of absolutely ignorant, ill informed nonsense.

You clearly don't believe in innocent until proven guilty. And, frankly, I'd prefer my politicians to be human beings. Marriages break up, sad for those involved, but not for us to judge.

David Laws actually could have claimed a lot more if he'd declared his relationship status. He was misguided but not greedy.

And as for me not publishing comments - have a read through my posts and you'll find out exactly how I only publish people who fawn about my posts and say how good they are. People like Cynical Highlander, for example. He's such a fan:-).

As for Libya, when you have a dictator basically telling his people he's going to get them, surely the international community has to take a stand.

And don't you dare insinuate that opposing a narrow nationalist agenda means that I don't have Scotland's interests at heart.


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