Monday, October 08, 2012

A lovely tribute to Nikki Thomson

Two weeks ago, some of Nikki Thomson's friends gathered in the bar at Conference to remember her. There were tears and smiles and hugs from a bunch of people who miss her so much. 

On Saturday night I was walking past her flat, on one of the prettiest streets in Newington. When I watched Strictly, there were a few pangs of sadness as I knew I'd have to do it without either Nikki or Andrew Reeves. 

Last night, her friend Paul posted this tribute to her which had been written in the Evening News way back in July. It seems to have taken a bit of information from this blog post of mine written the day she died but also more from people she'd worked with over the years.

The quote from the head of housing and regeneration at the City of Edinburgh Council summed her up so well:
Nikki worked tirelessly to make things better for tenants. We were very lucky that she put her considerable energy and intelligence into improving tenants’ lives. Through all her work, she improved the lives of many people. Her role was to challenge us on tenants’ behalf and she did it with good will and humour. She was respected and loved and will be sadly missed.
Nikki lived her Liberal Democrat values every day. We miss her every day.

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Paul Sandars said...

Thanks for posting this, Caron- and for giving my late night Googling a much wider audience.

I was moved to find what is in effect a delayed obituary in Scotland's main evening newspaper. It does show signs of being a frantic 'cut and paste' job- I recognised your original blog remark; and other elements were taken from housing journals for Edinburgh and Scotland- but someone at least went to the trouble of actually realising the omission of an obituary and putting one together.

I was, as you know, her last partner. As the first of no doubt many memorials to her and her works, I am grateful for both the Evening News article and this blogpost. If it means that it will be decades or even a century before she is forgotten, it has served its purpose well.


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