Monday, October 08, 2012

"We have agreed to none of this". Lib Dems on Tory welfare proposals

I said earlier that I wanted senior Liberal Democrats to come out and reassure us that we were having nothing to do with these ridiculous welfare cuts that the Tories would dearly love to impose on young people and families.

Two things have happened since then. Mark Pack posted a link to this blog post of his on my Facebook wall saying "It's almost as if Nick Clegg read your blogpost and decided to do something." It's a transcript of a news interview Nick gave in which he says:
 Nothing in detail has been agreed on further cuts or savings to, to welfare. The Conservatives, of course, entirely entitled to set out their stall about what we do as a country is we have to tighten our belts further as we, indeed, were at our party conference. My attitude has always been very simple, very straightforward – which is that as we have to make more savings as a country, as we do, you start at the top and work your way down not, not the other way round.
While I might have preferred that he used the words "batshit crazy" in there to describe the Tory proposals, I can't really complain.

The next thing was seeing the BBC's Norman Smith saying that the message from Liberal Democrats on the Tory proposals is:
We have agreed to none of this.
It is reassuring to hear this - and let's hope the strength of feeling that's been expressed within the party on this will give our ministers strength as the discussions within government continue.

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