Monday, October 29, 2012

Praise for Willie Rennie in the Herald of all places

It's not, shall we say, anything like usual for the Herald to say anything nice about Liberal Democrats. Sometimes I wonder if they have a special container of bile that they dip their keyboards in before they write about us.

So I got a bit of a pleasant surprise yesterday when their leader was:

a) called "Why we need the Lib Dems


b)  full of praise for Willie Rennie.

 Look at this:
Since the election, the party, largely through Rennie's ceaseless efforts, has shown it can punch above its weight at Holyrood. Rennie has been ahead of the curve on issues such as the job losses which must accompany police and fire centralisation, and is arguably Salmond's best inquisitor in the Holyrood chamber.
You'd expect me to observe that Willie would have done a better job with Salmond at First Minister's Questions last week (and I did) but look what the Herald says:
His absence was keenly felt after Labour's Johann Lamont failed to land a serious blow, and Tory Ruth Davidson shot herself in the foot.
They may not have the numbers, but the Scottish Lib Dems are in the process of carving themselves a niche, and our democracy is that bit healthier for it.
You can read the whole article here.

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