Saturday, October 13, 2012

Will you choose Harvey's Crumpet, Munt's Bella or Birtwistle's and Horwood's rescue dogs?

Liberal Democrat Conference reps are being bombarded with entreaties from various candidates for their vote in the internal elections. I'm standing for the Federal Executive, and you can find more info on my Facebook page

There is another poll going on at the moment, and anyone can take part. The Kennel Club and the Dogs' Trust are running their annual Westminster Dog of the Year competition. The entrants, MPs and their own dogs, or rescue dogs allocated to them, vie for online votes and then take part in a "Doggie Dash" on 25th October. 

The Liberal Democrats have 4 entrants this year. Nick Harvey and his  9 year old golden retriever, Crumpet, Tessa Munt and her 2 year old black retriever, Bella, and Martin Horwood and Gordon Birtwistle have rescue dogs. 

Have a look through the various profiles and vote for your favourite here. It is high time this was won by a Liberal Democrat.

Just out of interest, both Dogs Trust and Kennel Club operate in Scotland, so I wonder why there are no Scottish entrants...

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