Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why we are better together #indyref

These lovely people at Better Together have put together a video of young people from across Scotland talking about why they think Scotland should stay as part of the UK. Like they say, nobody's saying we couldn't manage on our own, but we have lots of advantages of staying together with the UK, including a much stronger voice in campaigning for human rights and LGBT equality worldwide and sharing the economic risks at home.


cynicalHighlander said...

Better together

Unknown said...

Yes, CH, we know that in an independent Scotland there will be enough money for everything we want all the time....

If you lot are wrong about automatic entry to the EU on the same terms as present, then we have to lose nearly 20% of our current budget as we will have to join the Euro.

That'll be a bit painful.

cynicalHighlander said...

HC 643 The foreign policy implications of and for a separate Scotland

Have you ever read the McCrone reort?

What is the attraction of being ruled by Westminster?

Would you vote to form the union with England if we were independent now?


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