Friday, October 26, 2012

Strictly Come Dancing Week 3 - Hollywood week

We were in London so I didn't get the chance to watch Strictly live last Saturday. In fact, I even managed not to find out who had gone out until I had watched the results show on Wednesday.

For once I liked Tess's dress - this week a long clinging, silvery, glittery affair which befitted a Hollywood special.

A highlight for me was that Dani had a little Toto dog run on at the end - which you saw actually dancing on the Len's Lens bit on the results show.

My biggest disappointment is that Michael Vaughn, bless him, isn't very good. And he isn't very good in a kind of nondescript sitting about and looking a bit limp kind of way, not even a funny John Sergeant sort of a way.

But, all in all, they are a pretty good bunch this year.

I was just getting into Jerry and I'm sorry she's gone - and most especially Anton. Although he usually gets to do loads of stuff on ITT after he goes so there may well be compensations.

I'm feeling a bit better about Darcey now - she is useful and constructive in her comments and is a good foil to Craig. Len seems to have his Mr Grumpy hat on at the moment, but hopefully that will stop when Dancing with the Stars is over.

Anyway, here are my tweets from the shows. Better late than never.

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