Monday, September 01, 2008

Glenda Jackson MP

I was shocked to read this on Lib Dem Voice which shows that Glenda Jackson MP has produced a magazine paid for by the Parliamentary Communications Allowance which has a survey in it. So far, so good - but the survey has a question which asks about voting intentions.

Why on earth would an MP in the course of their duties need to know how people are going to vote? A political party might want that information - but public funds are not allowed to be used for campaigning purposes. It was particularly appalling to see in the small print that the Labour Party might use the information.

MPs are supposed to get anything that comes out of the Communications Allowance checked before printing by the House of Commons. I think the Serjeant-at-Arms needs to investigate this and take appropriate action. This either was checked and Glenda Jackson's office was advised incorrectly, or it wasn't checked at all. I think the taxpayers of Hampstead are entitled to know which it is.

I wonder if this industriousness on Glenda's part is anything to do with the fact that at the 2005 election she only just hung on to her seat by 474 votes ahead of the talented Ed Fordham.

I don't think this incident is going to help her cause much.

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