Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hamster Poll results - Rose wins, a duck for Fluffy

Thanks to all who voted in the poll on Anna's new hamster's name. The results were as follows:

Rose 31.4%

Linda 22.9%

Gemini 17.1%

Ace and Snuggles 14.3% each

Fluffy 0%

She still hasn't made her final decision on what the hamster is to be called. In the meantime, the wee thing is being referred to as Powder Puff. When Anna finally makes her mind up, I'll let you know:-)

I've had the expected grief from various Lib Dem sources for not making this an STV poll - well, if someone shows me how to do it.......................

I suspect the reason that Fluffy got no votes is because there can only really be one Lib Dem ambassador of fluffiness

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