Wednesday, September 24, 2008

School Governors Block HPV Vaccine

School Governors at St Monica's RC High School, Prestwich, Greater Manchester have banned girls from receiving the potentially life-saving HPV vaccine on its premises because, they say, they do not believe that school is the right place for these injections to be administered."

They also cast doubt on the efficacy and possible side effects. Even if they were a particularly skilled group of research scientists, I have no idea what right they think they have to deny girls the chance to receive their vaccinations in the easiest way possible, or their parents the chance to decide for themselves what is best for their children?

The huge amount of media coverage Jade Goody's plight is receiving at the moment shows just how devastating this illness can be for young women. There's a chance to prevent it. Every girl should have the right to have free and access to this vaccination, at school, without interference from the school authorities.

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