Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Troy Davis given Stay of Execution

When I posted the link to ask the authorities in Georgia to stop the execution of Troy Davis last night, I had no real expectation that this would happen. I just felt that we should at least try to save a life from killing by the State which I think is always wrong, whatever the circumstances, but especially when there is clear doubt as to the safety of the conviction.

It was with some relief that I see that indeed a stay of execution was granted with less than two hours to go.

This is the second time that Troy Davis has woken up in the morning knowing that his life is scheduled to be ended by the end of the day. Can you imagine what that must feel like? It must be so awful to go through. Obviously it's better that the execution was halted on each occasion, but putting someone through that trauma is cruel and unusual punishment in itself, let alone the actual ending of their life.

You never know whether your actions have had any effect at all in these sorts of situations - the weight of public opinion may have been a factor in ensuring the authorities thought again. I think it's always worth trying though.

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