Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kezia and Tom try to make themselves feel better

It's entirely understandable, given the shambles and chaos in the Labour Party, that Kezia Dugdale and Tom Harris have tried to make themselves feel better by having a wee pop at Tavish and Nick.

Now, let's look at the comparative state of Labour and the Liberal Democrats to see why this is the pot calling the bone china black:

The Lib Dems leave Bournemouth invigorated, united and motivated having come up with various radical strategies to help resolve the crises facing the country. They have Federal and Scottish leaders who are united and who are grown up enough to understand what devolution actually means.

Compare and contrast with the seething mass of bitterness, resentment and conspiracy edging its way to Manchester next week. Talk about fiddling while the markets burn.... I'm talking about the Labour Party collectively, for the avoidance of doubt, not just Gordon Brown....... I can't imagine the week there will be anything other than stressful for them....

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