Monday, September 08, 2008

When the Marketing People get it so wrong

Anyone who is over 50 is probably fairly mortified at the sort of junk mail they receive on a daily basis, for things like stair lifts, motorised scooters and SAGA holidays. The letter my husband received today made him cringe. What was worse was that the product it was advertising was printed on the envelope so the postman knew he'd got it. Maybe it's a good thing that the post doesn't come until lunchtime so that Bob has little chance of meeting the postman.

I should probably tell you that Bob is a huge fan of very modern music - you know all the stuff they play in the nightclubs in the Balearics? That's his kind of thing. His taste ranges from various types of what I call thumpa thumpa rackets to serious chillout, deep house, acid jazz and all that genre - very much a niche market, but good on him.

He's a modern man, end of story. The offer he received today was worse than a funeral expenses plan, or a week's free care in a nursing home - it was an incitement to buy the complete hits of Cliff Richard.............

Of course, I didn't immediately ring him to laugh when this thing came through the letterbox, and no way would I spend the evening going round the house singing Living Doll and Mistletoe and Wine under my breath - I wouldn't be that cruel!

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