Sunday, September 07, 2008

Online Poll - what should Anna name her new hamster?

Anna got a new hamster today and is very excited about this little powder puff on legs who is well on the way to capturing all our hearts:-). The wee rodent is very adventurous and loves playing in the tube attached to her cage.

However, Anna can't decide what to call her.

I thought I could extend my skills and try an online poll. I have to say that this is purely advisory in nature.

As some of you will know, Anna is mad on Doctor Who. Therefore some of the nominations have a Who flavour - Rose, cos she's an adventurous blonde, Ace after the 7th doctor's plucky companion and Linda, after we watched Love and Monsters, the modern season 2 episode this morning.

The other names are Fluffy - cos she just is, Snuggles, although I'm a bit dubious about whether you could, given the nature of hamsters' teeth, snuggle her without getting shredded, and Gemini because she would have been born about 3 months' ago, around the time of Anna's own birthday.

Please take part in this poll and give Anna a bit of help in this important decision. She may decide to ignore you all, but then she wouldn't be a proper liberal if she just went with the flow of public opinion and ignored her own instincts.


Bernard Salmon said...

Always running around and never getting anywhere? Got to be either Gordon or Alistair, surely.

Jennie Rigg said...

Don't call the poor wee thing Rose unless you want her to change character drastically and become a giggly clingy thing after one season of coolness ;)

I voted Ace. Although I would say that Leela is possibly the best Who Companion name for a hamster - looks small and cute and fluffy, but has the heart of a warrior and the fighting instinct to match.

Ed said...

I voted for Gemini so it could be Wee Gemi for short...


Unknown said...

Bernard - very funny, but she's a sweet and fluffy little girl and I couldn't lumber her with a name like that.

Jennie - Rose wasn't so giggly and clingy when she blew the head off the dalek that was after Donna's grandad. I loved Ace and in the days when I used to go to conventions, Sophie Aldred was always very approachable and up for a pint and a laugh.

I always associated Leela with being a bit raunchy, which is why she didn't make the final shortlist - you have no idea how long we spent on this yesterday:-)

Ed, I know I can always rely on you to come up with some smart comment like that:-)))


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