Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ros Scott for President

I have long been a supporter of Baroness Ros Scott's campaign to become President of the Liberal Democrats. I have been impressed by the tireless and enthusiastic way she has travelled the length and breadth of the UK, from Orkney to Cornwall and pretty much everywhere in between over the last two years.

She was invaluable in her help during the Scottish elections last year.

She is ideally placed to be a highly effective President. The job of the President is to represent the grassroots at the heart of the Party establishment. I feel that I can totally trust her to do that. She has a wide understanding of Government as a hard working peer and spokesperson on Local Government. At a time when the party is undergoing change in its structure, we need someone wise to evaluate what is going on and protect the interests of the members. She would also be a credible face of the Party, complementing Nick.

If you aren't already one of the many people who are backing her, check out her blog, and her Campaign website . She has backers from all over the Party - a reasonable spread of the great and the good including Paddy Ashdown, Alistair Carmichael MP, Alison McInnes MSP, Shirley Williams and, despite what you might read elsewhere, Ronnie Fearn, and here is the video evidence to prove it.

The crucial thing is that, more importantly she has the backing of many ordinary activists and members - as well, of course, as the overwhelming majority of the Scottish Lib Dem blogosphere in Stephen Glenn, the real Iain Dale, Cllr Fraser MacPherson and I.

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