Wednesday, September 03, 2008

No More Nice Guy from First Scotrail

My husband turned up for his usual train this morning to find it had been cancelled. He was annoyed, but this is a markedly less usual occurrence than it was under the previous holders of the franchise.

What he did grumble about was the fact that there were five ticket inspectors on the platform. He asked them what they were doing and they told him they were there to clamp down on fare dodgers and stop people travelling without tickets.

At the moment you can't buy a ticket from Livingston North Station - the machine has been removed while they upgrade the line and build the new platforms on each side. When this was pointed out to them, they basically said that they were just following orders.

Bob says that customer service has definitely slipped since the company was told to cut its costs by 2%. Politeness costs nothing, though. Why did the inpsectors not say that they were there to meet customers' needs by selling them tickets - that would have been so much more positive given that passengers are fed up of having to queue to buy tickets at Waverley and Haymarket.

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