Friday, July 16, 2010

Alex Cole-Hamilton to fight Edinburgh Central for the Scottish Liberal Democrats

Alex Cole-Hamilton has been selected to fight the marginal Edinburgh Central constituency for the Scottish Liberal Democrats in the elections next year.

Siobhan Mathers ran a brilliant campaign in 2007 and reduced the Labour majority, laying a strong foundation for the coming campaign.

Stephen Glenn was on the shortlist for the seat and he's given a real insight to what it's like to seek nomination, going round every party member. He fought a strong campaign and I don't want to make his head swell too much, but I had very good reports from all sorts of people about his campaign and thoughtful and intelligent hustings performance.

We had 4 super applicants and I'm sure they'll all be involved in the campaign in Central. Alex will be an excellent candidate and he knows how to run a motivated and energetic campaign - he was Kevin Lang's campaign manager in Edinburgh North and Leith in the run up to May and before that he was a fantastic list candidate in Mid Scotland and Fife, only narrowly missing out on election. He's also worked as Edinburgh West's constituency organiser.

I first met Alex in the run up to the 2001 general election campaign when we were both involved in organising Charles Kennedy's final stop of his election tour at the Gyle Centre. He is a passionate liberal with first hand knowledge of the problems young people face and how to resolve them. The Scottish Parliament would be a better place with him in it and I hope that he wins in May.

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Munguin said...

Should be interesting indeed for you on that May day. Your performance in the Scottish General Election and on the AV referendum should be a good bellwether for the long term survival of your coalition. I suspect that all that hard work at reducing the Labour majority will have been in vain after all what is the point of Scots voting Lib Dem? Do that and you get the Tories. I think you will be obliterated. And I’m not convinced that you will get your AV either especially as your coalition partners are against it in England and Scottish Labour MPs are traditionally anti any electoral reform. A shame for Mr Cole-Hamilton (lets face it he even sounds like a Tory). Where will your coalition be without the AV fig leaf? In the soup I guess.


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