Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nick Clegg doing PMQs today!

If you had said to me last Summer that Nick Clegg would be answering the questions at Prime Minister's Questions in July 2010, I'd have thought that I was delirious from the fevers I was suffering at that time.

I am so looking forward to 12 noon when he will deputise for David Cameron, who's in Washington DC making friends with that nice Mr Obama.

One thing I'm fairly sure about is that he will actually answer the questions put to him, if his recent performance at Deputy Prime Minister's Questions is anything to go by. He is pretty adept at dealing with the bucketloads of bile from the Labour benches. It's probably too much to hope for that they would show any type of constructive behaviour.

I think it'll be a lively session, but expect that Nick will do really well.


Matt Raven said...

Reading back through DPMQs he did answer most of the questions, even if it was by saying things hadn't been decided yet.

However, the impression I got while watching it was that he didn't answer much because of all the answers starting with

"It is clearly a complex problem or, I assume, the hon. Lady and her Government would have done something about it in the past 13 years."

or similar.

In fairness it was so soon after the government was formed that not much had been decided yet of course.

I hope he sticks (as much as possible) to answering the questions this time.

Maybe he should start with a quick statement

"Labour have just left power after 13 years. They have very little right to complain about ongoing problems. We are working hard to undo the damage they did while retaining and building on the important changes they made. So the jeering goons opposite can just STFU"

OK, possibly that last sentence might be ruled slightly out of order.

Unknown said...

Yeah, but it would be hilarious if he did say it though. I know he has a reputation for plain speaking but that might be a bit of a step too far.

Maybe we should give him a challenge, though - to say particular words. Might help his nerves.....

I think he should try and say buttercup. Any other suggestions?

Munguin said...

Yes it will be interesting to see the monkey instead of the organ grinder but if he answers any of the questions that are not put to him by his own side I'll be a Dutchman. Thats New Politics® for you, a wholly owned subsidiary of old politics!

Instead of regigging the blog you might try answering your critics!

Unknown said...

My goodness, Munguin, you got out of the wrong side of bed this morning.

I thought Nick did very well despite appalling behaviour from Labour, and he did answer a lot of questions.


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