Thursday, July 15, 2010

Support Florence and Precious Mhango at vigil in Glasgow next Monday 19th July

You might remember I wrote the other day about Florence and Precious Mhango, a mother and daughter for Malawi, who are facing deportation to that country. If that happens, they will virtually certainly be separated and a vulnerable 10 year old will be sent to live with strangers and not allowed to see her mother.

To me there is a very clear humanitarian reason for them to be allowed to stay in Glasgow where the community has taken them to their hearts.

On Monday, 19th July at 5.30 pm there will be a vigil in Glasgow in support of Florence and Precious. It takes place right in the centre of the city virtually next door to Queen St Station and Buchanan Bus Station at the statue of Donald Dewar.

This is the message Anne McLaughlin MSP sent to all members of the Facebook Group supporting Florence and Precious.

Dear All

On this coming Monday at 5.30pm, in conjunction with the Unity Centre, we are holding a Glasgow Fair Monday vigil for Florence and Precious.

It will be at the top of Buchanan Street at the bottom of the stairs outside the Buchanan Galleries.

We will be asking "on Fair Monday, what's fair about separating a mother and child?".

I would appeal to those of you who are able to be there, to come and show your support.

This is not a political DEMO but a peaceful humanitarian vigil for two human beings who need our love and support now more than ever.

Therefore although I expect many politicians and activists will be present, the speakers will be Florence and Precious's friends, the people who know them best.

I will send you more details shortly - we may ask you to bring something symbolic with you - so please look out for it.

Best wishes


My health hasn't been great these past few days, so I can't promise to be there - although if I can go I will - but I hope that as many people as possible will turn out. If you work in Glasgow, and you feel as strongly about this as I do, please stop by on your way home on Monday to show solidarity with Florence and Precious. They need so badly to be allowed to stay in this country and to be freed from the constant uncertainty, fearing this might be the day the authorities might force them back to Malawi and a very difficult future apart.

I know from previous experience that people in this situation can be spared deportation with support from the public so you could make a difference.

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Marie said...

Im so scared for Florence and Precious if they were deported back. I know there are laws for immigration but surely this is a humanitarium issue. I heard that when she first came here , with her husband they came on a visa. But, Florence had to flee him because of domestic violence. Her little girl was 3 years old when she came to Britain and she is now 10. She attends school and has lots of friends, She speaks english and doesnt know her native langauge. I hope many people will come to the vigil.Marie.


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