Friday, July 16, 2010

A Voyage Round my Blogroll - Part the First

If you ever get bored reading my blog (which, of course, you would be far too polite to ever tell me), you can always go and have a look at some of the blogs I like, which are listed on the left of this and down a bit.

I thought it might be fun to do an occasional series telling you a little bit about the blogs on there and why I added them, a few at a time. Some people only have a few select blogs on their roll but mine now stands at around 115. There are generally two ways to get added - if someone consistently says things I like on Twitter, or I read a few posts and like what I see, they get added. Or you get added cos I want to keep an eye on you - people like Iain Dale fall into that list. You can never have too much variety and in there you'll find a fair range of political opinion, some foody blogs, science, craft, kids, funny stuff, sport, F1, trashy tv - and even quite good tv, too. Go and have a browse cos I'm sure you'll find someone you like.

Anyway, the first batch, taken pretty much at random:

Liberal England is written by the Liberal Democrat Blogfather Jonathan Calder which is pretty much why I added it. But he stays because he's always interesting - whether it's posting a photo of something pretty or a fascinating historical fact or a pithy political. He goes for short, effective posts and well worth a look every day.

I first came across Clair D'Alby, who writes Kids, Crafts and Chaos on Twitter. She only lives about 20 miles from me and we are of a similar mind on many things. Clair writes about her life as a busy working mum. She is incredibly creative - and brilliant with the camera. She has recently posted some amazing photographs of Skye and Harris. Earlier this year she walked the West Highland Way to raise money for Sands, the neonatal and stillbirth support charity, after her friend's baby was stillborn. She always has something beautiful to post or good to say.

Missive isn't a blog in its own right - it's an aggregator for political blogs written by women. If you fit this description, and you haven't signed up with them, please do so now.

Duncan Stott writes on his Split Horizons blog profile "I get particularly wound up about immigration, drugs, and unfair elections.". That kind of explains why he appeals to me. I really like some of the stuff he does particularly on immigration and human rights.

Kate Holmden is Petronella on Twitter and writes her World of Kate blog. She doesn't blog nearly often enough, but if you see a post of her's come up have a look at it if you like F1 (particularly if you don't like Lewis Hamilton, cos she shares my view of the British Brat) or books or cupcakes or cats or WoW (which remains a complete mystery to me).

So that's the first fabulous five. I'll be back with some more at some indeterminate point in the future.

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