Monday, July 05, 2010

Shameless plea for votes in Total Politics Best Blogs Poll

Click here to vote in the Total Politics Best Blogs Poll 2010

It's the time of year when the blogosphere is crowded with shameless pleas for votes in the Total Politics blog poll and I am not above asking for you to take five minutes out of your day to make this blog one of your choices - especially as the poll closes on my birthday. If you've enjoyed the posts I've written, charting the journey of a peace loving leftie hippy learning to love the Lib Dem coalition with the Tories, or about the highs and lows of the election campaign and its aftermath, then please give give me your support.

I like the little widgety thing the people at Total Politics have produced, meaning you can click straight through to their rules and instructions about how to vote from the very top of this post. I've copied the rules here as well, just to be extra helpful.

The rules are simple.
1. You must vote for your ten favourite blogs and ranks them from 1 (your favourite) to 10 (your tenth favourite).
2. Your votes must be ranked from 1 to 10. Any votes which do not have rankings will not be counted.
3. You MUST include at least FIVE blogs in your list, but please list ten if you can. If you include fewer than five, your vote will not count.
4. Email your vote to
5. Only vote once.
6. Only blogs based in the UK, run by UK residents or based on UK politics are eligible. No blog will be excluded from voting.
7. Anonymous votes left in the comments will not count. You must give a name
8. All votes must be received by midnight on 31 July 2010. Any votes received after that date will not count.

I like the opportunity to vote for your ten favourite blogs - although to be honest getting them down to that number is quite a challenge for me. My blog roll at the moment has around 100 super blogs on it and I'm always discovering new ones.

I hope that we end up with more Liberal Democrat blogs in the top 100 this year - and also that we see more women. There are plenty fantastic women out there blogging but they simply aren't always recognised. Some people have tried to address that - like those nice people at Missive. If you are a woman political blogger who hasn't been added to their list - please contact them now. And here are some lovely Liberal Democrat blogs for you to peruse.

Ok, dear reader, this is where it gets complicated. I wrote this early this morning and set it to publish at 6 pm - gets the post featuring on all the blogrolls I'm on all evening and overnight, how clever is that? Then I saw at lunchtime that Jennie has started a Rage Against the Machine style campaign to get Innerbrat to the top of the charts. She wants us all to vote for Innerbrat at number 1. I can see what she's trying to do, but like I could never vote anything other than Liberal Democrat, my number 1 spot has consistently been reserved for one particular blogger in various guises for some time and I am not changing that just to stick one in the eye to a tosser however egregious and Tory he may be. However, I will give Innerbrat a high up spot, though because I think Jennie has hit on a very good idea. I have added her to my blog roll so you can keep up with what she's got to say.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to vote. No doubt I will put my final vote in at the last minute. I found it really difficult last year to decide who to vote for and in what order and was chopping and changing right to the end. You don't need to make as much of a meal of it as I do, though.


Anonymous said...

You're a bit late of the mark lovely. I already voted for you ;-)


MekQuarrie said...

Tsk. Shameless... :-p

Jim Finnie said ... said...

Here you go again ! There is no value in something you solicit , it can't mean anything. I know you won't allow this comment as you censor any negatives but at least take the point.I'm not part of your blogging mutual love in, but I do read and enjoy your blog. Not everyone who reads it is a Lib Dem or has your interests but it's a great blog. Please let readers vote if they feel the need to and don't beg, its unseemly. You are better than that Caron.

Unknown said...

Jim, it's very rare for me not to publish comments. Moderation is there to protect me from legal action - I'm not rich and I don't want me or my family to be sued out of our home, that's all. If you read many of my posts, you'll find many comments which disagree with the line I'm taking.

Your comment that you enjoy my blog is worth much more than being on any list.

The main reason I'm promoting the awards is more than anything else that I want to see more Lib Dems and more women on those lists because at the moment they are completely unrepresentative. When women promote themselves, they are generally seen as showing off and being big headed, but when men do it nobody bats an eyelid. I'm firmly of the view that if you don't ask you don't get, hence my post.

Anonymous said...

I too am a great fan of this blog (in spite of my light-hearted dig on my page) and I couldn't agree more with the comment about blog lists being full of right-wing libertarian types. Best of luck - my vote's in the bag.

Jim Finnie said ... said...

Fair enough - I didn't think you were a raging egomaniac. You had my vote anyway, I just felt a bit uneasy with the pitch. I wasn't aware of the predominance of bloggers from the dark side - we can't have that- so I won't complain if you ask for support in future ! Best wishes.


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