Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lady Mark exposes Liberal Democrat Blogosphere as drunken layabouts

The Honourable Lady Mark has taken over the reins of Liberal Democrat Voice today as guest editor.

In his opening post, snuck in just after midnight, he explains how this came about.

He talks about an e-mail from Mark Pack asking if anyone would be interested and how the initial chorus of replies were:

'sounds interesting, get back to me when I’m sober’

I was certainly one of those who replied in such a fashion, but I wouldn't want you to think that Liberal Democrat bloggers lie around in a state of permanent inebriation. I feel I have to point out in our defence that this e-mail was sent out very late on a Friday night.

Whatever, though, Lady Mark is going to be writing about the high mysteries of the House of Lords which I know I'm going to find fascinating. Keep an eye on the site all day because his second post outlines what's coming up with contributions by, among others, Floella Benjamin, the lovely Mr Doctor Chocaholic and Unlock Democracy. 

It looks like His Ladyship has set the bar very high for the rest of us who are going to be following in this series where the Lib Dem Voice High Command let us loose on their site. I'd better get to work........

1 comment:

Jennie Rigg said...

Speak for yourself! I am totally a drunken layabout all the time!


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