Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Caron's Corkers - 6th July

This is a bit of a bumper edition tonight - there's been a lot of super writing on a variety of subjects over the last few days.

First of all, welcome to new Scottish Labour blogger, Janis McCulloch, at Once More, with Feeling, who also loves Pavlova. Can't argue with that. Check out her debut post encouraging you to register with the Anthony Nolan Trust, a cause close to her heart.

It will come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that Eric Joyce is backing Mr Balls for the Labour leadership and has persuaded his local Labour Party to follow suit. Many Liberal Democrats would love to see Ed B as Labour leader so it's good to have some common ground. Tongue is wedged firmly in cheek, in case you didn't realise.

That's enough of being nice to Labour people. Remember my little spat with Tom Harris a couple of weeks ago. That was tame. Jennie lets him, and the other MPs who are upset about the new expenses regime, really have the sharp end of her tongue. You know she's at her best when you get the content warning flashing up saying that there are lots of sweary words.

And then there's Charlotte Gore, who's written about Doctor Who for the Spectator arts blog. I don't entirely agree with her about Rusty. I have nothing but gratitude for a man who revived my favourite show and made it cool again, but it's a good piece.

Andrew Reeves on another game of musical Parliaments.

Stephen tells how the horrific situation where the UK Borders Agency tells gay asylum seekers to go home and just don't tell anyone about their sexuality has been condemned by the UNHCR Rep in London - and he also publishes a picture of our friend Pam.

I'm just ever so slightly jealous to read of Sarah's preparations to spend the British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone, although not half as jealous as I am of Kimifan, my friend on Twitter whose husband has only gone and won a day's karting with Red Bull and their driver Mark Webber tomorrow. She also gets to meet Jake Humphrey, the frontman of the BBC's F1 coverage. Envious as hell I may be, but I really hope they both have the best time.

In the meantime, Duncan has discovered the art of good guesswork while doing the pub quiz. I have to say it was pretty clever.

Finally, Sara is rightfully in my view unhappy about the attitude of some in the Church of England to the reported nomination of Dr Jeffrey John to be Bishop of Southwark. She quotes one Paul, but another had nothing but praise for Dr John the other day.

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