Saturday, July 17, 2010

How not to win friends and influence people - that Zac Goldsmith interview

I've just got round to watching Zac Goldsmith's infamous interview on Channel 4 News last night. By the way, a huge thank you to those lovely people at Channel 4 for making it so easy for the entire blogosphere to access and embed the clip.

It almost made me think that it wasn't a real interview at all - just one of these films you'd play at a media training day and ask people to spot the mistakes.

The madness of the situation is that according to sage that is Mark Pack, the law is quite imprecise in the areas under investigation. It may be that the calculations made by Zac Goldsmith's campaign are perfectly legal.

Therefore there was absolutely no need for Zac Goldsmith to be as petulant, aggressive and arrogant as he came across. He looked like he was completely trying to avoid the issue. I can't imagine that there's anyone in the Conservative Party who didn't look at this and put their head in their hands. He made himself look as guilty as sin even though there's a fairly high probability that his expenses are within the law.

Not for the first time, I think that Richmond Park would be much better off with Susan Kramer as their MP.

The bit that made me laugh most was actually a comment by Jon Snow saying:

"It's very rare that I can feel completely relaxed about our position and I can tell you this we asked for you last Friday."

I wonder if the C4 News editorial and production staff are speaking to him yet after that one.

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Michael Newark-Hut said...

Well, that Zac Goldsmith interview was one of the most absolutely appalling performances by a ‘professional’ politician it has been my misfortune to endure.

It was indeed an insult to the viewing public wanting to hear a clear, detailed and honest explanation of the areas under investigation. The Conservative Party, in having this man as a Member of Parliament, are endorsing their mantra of “Never mind the quality, feel the money!”

How you, the author of this post, could find a “bit that made me laugh most” in this dreadful exhibition of crassness, is difficult to understand, unless of course, we take into consideration you are Scottish and a Liberal Democrat activist. {;o)


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