Sunday, July 11, 2010

Roundups - Scottish and Personal

I've been a bit light on the blogging front this weekend as I've had a really busy few days - I've lots to catch you all up on this week including our trip to the Doctor Who exhibition in Newcastle which was so utterly awesome that I am tingling with excitement at the thought of writing the post.

I collapsed in a heap when I got home from there on Thursday night and didn't really come too until teatime on Friday. Yesterday we spent up in Crieff with our wonderful friends Louise and Martin and their 4 lovely daughters. Their nephew passed away at the age of 3 months last November and as I've written before, his mum and dad, Louise's sister and brother in law, set up the Joshua Deeth Foundation in his memory to raise funds for research and to support other families affected by rare neurological disorders. They held a coffee morning yesterday at which I tasted some of the best home baking I have ever had in my life - and there was plenty of it. We were by no means the furthest travelled - some people had come all the way from Aberdeen for the event. My friend Alex from Dunfermline,was there with her husband and 3 lovely girls, making a quick stop before heading off to France on their holidays and being on the Champs Elysees for the end of the Tour de France.

Afterwards, we headed back to Louise and Martin's and had a really chilled out afternoon. Anna was in her element as their cat, Belle, had 3 of the cutest kittens you could ever imagine 2 weeks ago and she was able to cuddle them.

We had a delicious dinner - including Martin's delectable nachos, and some wine, and a good laugh. We finally got home at 10.30 pm. I was pretty shattered and tweeted

Now home, exhausted, after wonderful day with fabulous friends, cute kittens & extra awesome nachos.

There are some very sick minds on Twitter. Look what Tory Bear did

RT @caronmlindsay exhausted after wonderful day with cute kittens & extra awesome nachos. Labour shot Bambi, Lib Dem activist eats kittens.

Anyway, today I have spent the day mostly watching Formula 1 - come on Red Bull, start working together, for heavens' sake - and writing this week's Scottish Roundup.

I am now going to catch up on the Tour De France and watch Rubens Barrichello on Top Gear.

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