Thursday, January 10, 2013

30 Day Doctor Who Challenge - Day 8: Least favourite season

This is a horrible one, partly because my knowledge is so incomplete. My family didn't like Doctor Who so chances to watch it as a child just had to be taken as and when I could. It was only when I had my own home and a television that I really was able to watch it when I chose - and then after two years of that they went and cancelled it.

I have caught up on a lot of stuff, but haven't seen everything from what is now dubbed Classic Who. For example I've seen very little Troughton and Hartnell. I've seen quite a lot of Three and Four, not much of Five because I didn't really take to him, bits of Six, which I loved, even Terror of the Vervoids, virtually all of Seven and everything since.

I guess I was pretty heartbroken for the second half of season 14 - I was so gutted to lose Sarah Jane and it took me a while to tolerate Leela.

I could just go with season 19, Peter Davison's first, but there was the Master and Adric left and there were cybermen.

Even more difficult is which series is least favourite since the revival in 2005. Each season has had its fabulous moments. Maybe Season 3, but it had daleks in New York and Sontarans and the return of the Master.Season 4 was outstandingly good.

I can't think of one whole season that was unremittingly bad. All have jewels. Sometimes you have to look harder than others, but they are always there.


Jennie Rigg said...

*obligatory YAY SIX comment*

James Kelly said...

Season 19, Caron? I'm appalled! That's Doctor Who at its absolute finest. Four of the seven stories are superb - Castrovalva, Kinda, The Visitation and Earthshock. And Black Orchid is pretty good as well.

By a process of elimination I would have to agree with the conventional wisdom that Season 24 is the worst, although I've always thought Season 10 is a bit plodding and uninspiring. Season 17 is in general very poor, but it does have the huge saving grace of City of Death.

Unknown said...

I know, but James, I'm harbouring an entirely unfair 30 year old grudge at Peter Davison for the crime of Not Being Tom.

Season 24 was all about Sylvester finding his way, and it wasn't the best, but he is one of my favourite doctors. And I can forgive it because they were clearly putting their creative energies into the fantastic season 25 when they'd actually get a budget!


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