Saturday, January 19, 2013

Doctor Who 30 Day Challenge - Day 17: Least favourite actor

I don't like these "least favouite" categories because they are so negative. There's so much good to celebrate about the series that concentrating on the weakest stuff isn't always productive.

I guess the two companions I never quite got to grips with were Adric and Turlough. Could they never have a nice ordinary lad accompanying the Doctor? Did they really have to be so arrogant and up themselves and super intelligent? That, I guess, is why I never quite appreciated Mark Strickson and Matthew Waterhouse as much as I should.

Then there was Mickey in the new series. I really didn't like the character and the way he treated Rose and his superficial attitude to life. I don't much take to the actor who plays him, Noel Clarke, either. Anyone who describes themselves as a "shagger" in their Twitter profile is never really going to win my respect. I knew I wouldn't have to look far down his timeline to find something that would make my stomach turn. His answer to the Jimmy Savile affair is positively medieval.

Maybe trying to change the misogynist culture that exists to this day in the media would be more effective. Just a suggestion. 

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