Thursday, January 31, 2013

So, about that fall in university applications from people from deprived areas...

You know Stephen Tall. He finds out a bit of information, he sticks it on a graph and here you go:

And then I nick it because I just can't handle artwork. I hope he doesn't mind.

What these figures show is that rather than the apocalyptic disaster Labour were predicting, people from disadvantaged areas have not been put off going to uni. In fact, more of them are applying than under Labour. It's still not good enough. But, let's face it, even up here where we have free tuition, not much more than 1 in 10 kids from the poorest communities get to go to university as this NUS report shows.

What these figures show is that there's nothing really to be proud of. More needs to be done to give the poorest kids an equal chance to go to uni both north and south of the Border. The maximum loan of £5570 a year for living costs won't go far.

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