Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nick Clegg finds his way into Popbitch

You might not be surprised to find that I, with my trashy underbelly, subscribe to the salacious Popbitch email, but there's someone significantly classier on the Liberal Democrat Voice team who takes it as well. Well, we don't want to be caught napping if one of our lot is in it, do we?

And what do you mean, everyone on the Lib Dem Voice team is classier than I am? I'm truly hurt.

Anyway, our dear leader finds his way into its scandal ridden pages this week. This is the story.
lexie writes: "My friend was at Westminster with Nick Clegg and says the only thing remarkable about him was that he was always first in the lunch queue."
Given that he was competing for that position with similarly young, fit, hungry teenagers, I'd actually say that was pretty remarkable.

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