Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday, Anne McGinnigle

Almost exactly 11 and a half years ago, we moved back home to Scotland. Having a young baby proved to be a great way to meet people. I went along to a local toddler group and met many of the people who are still great friends to this day.

One of them was Anne McGinnigle. I discovered she lived 4 doors away from the house we'd bought but would have to wait until October to move into.

Anne turns 40 today - something I can barely believe. The decade since her 30th birthday seems to have gone very quickly indeed.

She and I have shared many laughs and tears over the years. She's one of the kindest people I know and for all that time I was ill with Glandular Fever, she took Anna to school and picked her up for me every day. She looks after our rabbits when we're away, even to the extent of picking fresh leaves for them from the woods. She's supported me through all sorts and I really value her friendship.

We have seen in a fair few years in Anne and her husband Stevie's company this past decade.

She has a wicked and slightly smutty sense of humour and her standards of housekeeping are impeccable. If she decides she's going to decorate, she goes right out there and buys the paint and gets on with it and it's done almost before you can draw breath. Despite that, she puts up with my incredibly slovenly ways.

In many ways she's Anna's second mum. I trust her with my child as much as I trust Bob and always have done. One day, I was walking through Marks and Spencer's with Anna and she suddenly started stroking and admiring the soft furnishings which I am certain was down to Anne's influence.

We had a fabulous party at her house last night. It may not have been wise to consume so many Mojitos or stay up so late when I was leaving so early today - but I wouldn't have missed it for the World.

So, Anne, have a fantastic day with Stevie and the girls, and enjoy introducing your Dad to Pizza Express tonight. And, more importantly, here's hoping that the next decade is your happiest yet.

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