Friday, September 16, 2011

Nick, Neil, Matthew and I vie for Lib Dem Voice's Big BOTY

In an every expense spared but otherwise unrivalled for glamour, gossip and unconfined debauchery awards ceremony tomorrow night, those lovely people at Liberal Democrat Voice will dispense the Oscars of the Liberal Democrat blogging world. Not since the days of the Erics on Multi Coloured Swap-Shop has something been coveted so much.

The "Best Picture" equivalent is the Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year. This year is a difficult year to be nominated because it means that you've literally got to wrest the trophy from the arms of the cutest elephant in the history of time who won it last year. The four nominees have presumably been chosen for their perceived ability to cause distress to a fluffy animal. Oh dear. That'd be me then. I'm in excellent company. Neil Monnery, Solution Focused Politics and Nick Thornsby.

In the other categories, Lisa, our own Queen of  Spiderplant Land is up for the best use of blogging and social networking for Lib Dems pointing, a very funny take on how we Lib Dems let our index fingers do the talking.

Jennie and Daddy Alex are up for best posting. I can't choose between them. Don't ask me to. But these are two passionate, fantastically articulate, fearsomely intelligent bloggers at their best.

In the award for a Liberal Democrat elected to public office, Daisy Benson is full of information and incisive argument while Lady Mark dispenses wisdom from Suffolk, often from trains.

And in the Newbies category, we have an embarrassment of riches - the 21-today Mr Potter, the thought provoking and feminist Political Parry, the master of the lurid headline, Richard Morris' View from Ham Common and The Yellow Bastion of Social Liberalism.

One sadness - no Andrew. But surely there has to be a tribute to him. I think the most fitting thing would be to name the best use of social networking award the Andrew Reeves award.

And don't forget you can vote for the best non Lib Dem blog over at Lib Dem Voice. For me, it was Political Betting. 

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