Thursday, September 01, 2011

Vince Cable in Aberdeen through the tweets of Stephen Harte

Last night Business Secretary Vince Cable did a "town hall meeting" style event with Scottish Party members in Aberdeen.

We had Nick up last week and Vince this week, both, answering questions from activists. The meetings were packed and, although there were some tough questions, both men were on form and well received.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get to Aberdeen last night, but I know not one but two men who did. This first account is the collected tweets of Lib Dem activist Stephen Harte. I've sat in events trying to tweet them on a phone and it's not easy, so don't be too hard on spelling errors - and be aware that the iPhone spillchucker can often change things randomly without you noticing. There is a declined in there that should almost certainly be a devolved.

Here, with the help of Storify, are his collected tweets. Enjoy:

Kristian Chapman, the awesome former president of Liberal Youth Scotland has also said he'll write up an account for me. Vince is a bit like garlic and chocolate - you can't have too much of him, so I'm really looking forward to reading Kristian's account too.

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