Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nadine Dorries confronts Cameron about too much Liberal Democrat influence in Government #PMQs

They say a broken clock is right twice a day. I doubt, to be honest, that Nadine Dorries manages twice a day, but she made Prime Minister's Questions worth watching today.

I'll get the Hansard quote later, but the basic thrust of her question was that the Liberal Democrats had only 8% of MPs, so why were they able to stop the Tories doing so much. Was it not, she asked, time for Cameron to tell Nick Clegg who was boss?

This is just the latest in a series of complaints by Tories about the extent to which the Liberal Democrats are influencing the Government.

I have never been so pleased by anything that comes out of the mouth of that woman.

Cameron was so flabbergasted, he couldn't keep a straight face and ended up ducking the question completely. I'd much rather listen to Nick than Nadine any day and it seems he feels the same way.

Another Tory MP whinged about the PM listening to the Liberal Democrats, and implored him to listen to Conservative colleagues by holding a referendum on Europe.

Nadine gave us all a reminder of what life would be like if the Tories were governing on their own. The right wingers would be having a field day and would be constantly pressuring Cameron to adopt their foolish and damaging policies. What a tea party that would be.

I'd been getting so frustrated with PMQs towards the end of the last session of Parliament. Today was a much needed reminder of why it's worth watching.

I have to give respectful kudos for Mr Monnery, for getting his blog post on this up first.

And Mr Thornsby for having the technical know how to get the video up.


Bob said...

I think you got it wrong Caron. After Dave said he realised how 'frustrated' Nadine was the whole place erupted in laughter and Nadine looked stupid. She's a terrible MP and brings shame on her party whenever she speaks. Running off with her husband's friend at Christmas and her convoluted explanations about her expenses have made her a laughing stock.

Unknown said...

But if we weren't in Government, Bob, people like her would be on Cameron's case, pressurising him to do stupid, wrong and utterly crazy things - and they'd probably win. The fact that she's whinging that we're having too much influence can only be a good thing.


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