Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Caron's Corkers

Time for another quick round up of what I think is brilliant on the internet.

First up, and don't run away cos it's Formula One cos there's more to it than that, is Jake Humphrey's blog from the German Grand Prix. It's fascinating because he plays us a good chunk of what the production crew are saying to him as he's presenting. While he's conducting interviews, they are talking in the background, changing the running order with seconds to go, leaving Jake to think on his feet. I don't know how on earth he manages to make it all look so seamless with that rabble going on in his head, but I'm not surprised that he almost got run down by a Toyota the other week. I've never understood until now why he hadn't noticed it coming. This is must-read for anyone who's even remotely interested in working in television.

Next up, the Guardian took a trip to Twitter Towers in San Francisco.

The BBC reports on a research project that states the bleeding obvious - that cats have a special purr which makes us respond to their needs. I just thought it was funny that nobody suggested that cats should be left to "purr it out" like certain childcare gurus think being left to cry is good for babies.

This has been around for a while, but I've only just discovered it - a short film from Liberty about what they've achived over their 75 years and why they're still important.

Finally, Sara saw this rather perplexing sight in a book shop.

LibDig This!

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