Saturday, July 04, 2009

It could be so much worse than having Gordon Brown as PM

We've all been complaining a lot about the pig's ear the Labour Government is making of the economy, of civil liberties, of, well, everything. Is there anything they are actually doing well?

Anyway, Bernie Ecclestone offered us a vision of an alternative which made me realise just how lucky we are. There are very few people I'd prefer Gordon Brown over, but Max Mosley is somewhere near the top of that list.

Bernie's interview was quite extraordinary - saying that Hitler was "able to get things done" - sure, it takes some organisational ability to carry out the detention and slaughter of millions of people based on their religion and sexuality, but that sort of atrocity is hardly something to boast about.

He had praise for Saddam Hussein as well, who was able to "control his country". Err, that was usually by genocide and torture, Bernie.

It's only in the light of those distasteful comments that his idea that Max Mosley would make a good PM pales almost into insignificance. However, after the mess Max made of Formula One, with his dictatorial style leading it to the brink of a catastrophic split a few weeks ago, I think we could safely say that Gordon Brown would do a better job.

Tom Harris has taken great exception to chick-lit novelist and Tory candidate Louise Bagshawe slagging off Bernie and reminding us all of the fact that he'd given a million to Labour and, then, entirely coincidentally, Formula One got an exemption from the tobacco advertising ban.

Tom seems to think that telling the truth is some sort of smear. I have no time for Bagshawe, but this was one of the rare things she got right.

But, going back to Bernie, I'm sure that anyone involved at a high level in any other sport would have to get the hell out if they expressed such highly objectionable views. Why should Formula One be any different?

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