Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update: Felipe Massa recovering from successful surgery in intensive care

It's reassuring to hear that Ferrari F1 driver Felipe Massa is recovering following successful surgery after his accident. He's in intensive care in hospital in Budapest. I have to say that I have no medical knowledge to back this up, but it seems to me that short is good when it comes to any sort of surgery on the head and it seemed that he was in theatre for not much more than an hour, if that. I hope he's in ICU purely as a precaution and so they can monitor all the bits they need to monitor to make sure all is as it should be.

I hope all goes well for him.

I really feel for his family, particularly his wife, who's 5 months' pregnant, and also poor Rubens Barrichello who must be going through all sorts even though this is just such a freak accident that I can't see how it could have been prevented. He's called for F1 to be made safer. It certainly wasn't Rubens' fault.

The accident must be thoroughly investigated to try to understand what happened, but on the evidence available, my resident health and safety adviser basically said that the probability of the sequence of events involving a part falling of a car and then travelling to hit someone on the head was so low that even he can't think of a way to prevent such an occurrence.

I can imagine that everyone who worked on Rubens' car will be shaken up tonight and I'm sure that the Brawn team will be its usual supportive bubble and look after them all and focus them all for the work they need to do for the race tomorrow.

UPDATE 2 22:55 Sky News have just reported that he's in a serious but stable condition after successful surgery for a life threatening condition - a double skull fracture. There have been reports on Twitter that he's in a medically induced coma which to me with my limited knowledge of neurosurgery would seem to be normal for the circumstances. They'll start to bring him out of it when his brain has had time to recover from the trauma. It seems that things are going as well as can be expected, to use that old cliche.

He's one of my favourite drivers and I don't think I'll really be at peace until he's out of ICU and on the road to recovery. I know that he has the good wishes and positive energy of F1 fans everywhere.

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