Monday, July 06, 2009

Sexism alert: Formula One is not just for Boys.

It seems like ages since the British Grand Prix at Silverstone two weeks ago. These long Summer breaks are a pain. The season got off to an intense start with four races in the first six weeks so even the normal two week break between events seems too much to bear, especially when it's been such an exciting year so far.

But never fear, the teams and drivers are packing up to head for the Nurburgring, in between Cologne and Frankfurt in Germany this weekend. Hat tip to Kevin for highlighting the new video on the track's website showing off their new features. I was enjoying the gravelly voiced (how many cigarettes does it take to maintain that?) commentary on the new welcome centre and shop and museum and all they have to offer until I was lulled out of my Ferrari induced mellowness by the following sentence: "If you've enjoyed the film so far, there's only one question, how do you sell it to your wife."

They've got a bloody cheek too, mentioning the wife, when a few minutes earlier the commentary had gone on about optimising lap times on the go karting track "but you'll have to bring your pit babes along, or get to know them" in the bar.

Let me tell you something, Nurburgring management, I understand your need to diversify and all that, in these tough economic times. I think you've been quite clever in developing a holiday park with all sorts of facilities that should appeal to everyone. And then you go and ruin it with neanderthal, sexist marketing. You can drag yourself into the 21st century with our developments, but you're still in the 1950s with your attitude towards women. We girls like cars and racing and stuff like that too, you know - and we always did, even in the days when we were being told that the path to happiness involved stuffing mushrooms, embroidery, worshipping our husbands and baking scones. The idea that we shrewish women are out there to stop the boys having fun with the things they like to do is, frankly, insulting.

In my house, I tend to organise and book the holidays and my husband packs the cases. I think he'd probably say that he thinks he has the harder job. Every year he sighs as he sees what I expect him to squeeze in, but he always manages it. I suspect that I am not the only woman who does this.

There is no way on earth, even if I really wanted to go, that I would ever give money to that place given that they clearly think that I'm some little woman who couldn't possibly like cars and I hope no other self respecting woman will either until they learn that life has got a bit more equal.

This was going to be a post about lots of other things about the upcoming Grand Prix, but I think I've probably said enough for the moment. Plenty time for that tomorrow.

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Jennie Rigg said...

I dunno. My wife HATES motorsport, and much prefers baking and things.

Oh, wait...


Unknown said...

The tales I hear about Mat's baking makes me want to come to visit:-)

I am married to one of the few men on the planet who hates football. I can tolerate it in small doses (ie when Inverness Caley Thistle are playing but I'd really prefer not to have to watch at all) but he absolutely hates it.

He also loves shopping, which I loathe with a passion unless it's for books or DVDs.

Jennie Rigg said...

I know loys of boys who hate foopball. I'm a Huddersfield Town girl myself.... & I'm totally with you on the shopping.


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