Thursday, July 30, 2009

Caron's Corkers

Not so much time for blogging at the moment as still feeling rubbish. At least doctor has found a reason for it so let's hope the new drugs do the trick.

Won't be around much today as we are looking after my sister's four lovely children while she's on a work course. Can you all please keep your fingers crossed for:

a) no fighting
b) no accidents
c) me not to catch Tonsilitis from Laura. I promise I didn't give her the Glandular Fever she also has, poor thing. I remember 14 years ago looking after her when she had Chicken Pox as an almost 3 year old - she gave me that! I feel so sorry for her cos Glandular Fever is bad enough by itself without anything else on top.

Anyway, a few links to some fabulous blog postings I've found over the last few days:

Wasn't sure whether to include the strategy to get STV on the voting reform ballot paper (are you listening, Nick Clegg?) or this brilliant expose of tabloid hypocrisy from the quill of Mr Quist, but I'm in a generous mood, so you can have both.

A heartbreaking article from the Sunday Times from one father with a racing driver son about another whose son, Henry Surtees, was killed in a terrible accident a couple of weeks ago.

There are times I could curse Tom Harris, and this is one of them. I don't like agreeing with him, it brings me out in hives, especially when he quotes Tony Blair, but he's right on this one. Sure, they can always do better and we need wholesale reform of the system, but MPs are, pretty much, a good bunch.

I'm not religious, but I found something to learn in Kelvin's sermon about how his Church is dealing with the issues of minimising the risk of spreading Swine Flu during Communion.

Doctorvee, moonlighting on Scottish Unionist showing he understands federalism, possibly better than many Liberal Democrats. One of the blog postings of the year for me.

Finally, some Ferrari freebies on offer if you sign up for the Brits on Pole newsletter. a site dedicated to following the fortunes of British drivers. It's worth reading, even without the bribe.

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