Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toddlers expected to take Tamiflu Capsules

I was quite shocked today to discover that children as young as 14 months old are being prescribed Tamiflu capsules because there isn't enough of it in liquid form. Apparently that's only being given to babies under a year old.

How many babies and toddlers do you think could manage to swallow these?

However, I do have it on very reliable information that they work very well broken open and mixed with Nutella. Lucky, that, then.

Too late for this time, but maybe this is something to learn for the future.......

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Norfolk Blogger said...

You can simply take them apart and mic the powder with water (in the right quantities).

Of course the government are not even planning to give vaccines to under three's which is absolutely astonishing.

The Mamma said...

We've been microwaving half a fun size mars bar for 20 seconds, mixing it with a little milk then dissolving the powder from the capsule in the resulting syrup and giving it to our 3 year old off a spoon. It must taste pretty foul as she pulls a face but it all goes down!

Caron said...

Thanks for that, Mamma.

Hope your wee one, and anyone else in your household who has it, recovers soon.

Alec said...

Mix the powder from Tamiflu capsules in your toddlers baby food.

The doctor will prescribe a dose meant for a liquid but the Pharmacist will adjust the dose.


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