Thursday, July 09, 2009

Strictly Sexist

I am raging at the news that the BBC has replaced Arlene Phillips as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing with Alesha Dixon.

Now I love Alesha, don't get me wrong, but her formal dance experience amounts to 12 weeks in the arms of the gorgeous and entirely lovable Matthew Cutler. How on earth did that give her credibility as a judge?

Alesha is beautiful, sassy, a great singer and comes across very well and very naturally on camera. She danced a great quickstep with His Royal Vinceness on This Week as well. However, she cannot even hope to match Arlene's decades of experience in dance of all kinds as performer and choreographer.

How come the producers have decided that Arlene is to be the sacrificial lamb if they want to make the show younger and sexier when Len Goodman, who is in the end of the day only a few months younger than her, retains his place at the head of the panel?

Being in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or even 70s or 80s, like Bruce, is not a barrier if you are a man in tv, but woe betide you if you're female, cos you very quickly get past your sell by date.

I actually think they should have kept the judging panel as it was - the chemistry and banter was about right. In fact, on the forums and amongst fans, there is more complaining about Bruno and Craig than ever about Arlene, but I love them all.

If they wanted to find a role for Alesha, I would have moved Tess on and made her the co-presenter. She'd bring a lot more natural warmth and humour to the job than Tess can.

I am seriously in a total fury about the injustice that's been done to Arlene. What is the point of a broadcaster being publicly funded if they are allowed to behave in such a sexist, discriminatory way?

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Clair said...

Yes, Yes, Yes.

Why spoil a great show with unneccesary changes?


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