Saturday, July 04, 2009

Great Post on Gay Rights, Nick, but did you have to write for THEM?

First of all, the good news. We have a leader who is not ashamed to trumpet his long standing support for equality and gay rights. And, unlike Cameron, he has been consistenly supportive of them all his political life. And, unlike Brown, he would not lead a government where gay people were told to be discreet before being deported back to face persecution from homophobic regimes.

We knew this. He's not been shy about it - and it was good that he specifically mentioned gay rights in his speech at Spring Conference earlier this year.

So, lots of well deserved praise for the leader on one hand.

But now, Nick, please tell me what went through your mind when you decided that writing for Labour List was a good idea?

I'm usually pretty helpful, but I'm not linking to it because I don't want them to go up in the rankings cos of links from outraged Lib Dem bloggers. I'm sure if you want to read it, you'll find it.

Sure, every single word of that article is brilliant - especially the way he pointed out that

"Gay rights, like all minority rights, should by now have become unquestionable. But in practice they are still too often treated like privileges, falling in and out of favour with politicians. David Cameron’s recent apology over Section 28 is a prime example. Leadership is about speaking out on issues when they matter, not simply when you judge public opinion has moved."

I did wonder for a little while whether I was being too tribal hence waiting for a while to calm down before writing this, but I still feel suitably aggrieved that Nick has chosen to write for a site which is there to promote the Labour Party. I don't have a problem with our people writing for The Times, or the Guardian, or even, for heaven's sake, the Sun. Vince writes for the Fail on Sunday. That's different, though.

However, never, ever, would I allow an opposition politician any sort of house room on an election leaflet, nor would I want to be associated with anything they might write on their literature and I'm surprised and a little annoyed that Nick has done so.

UPDATE: Jennie agrees with me, but Mr Quist seems to have got the wrong end of the stick on Twitter:

"Hearing rumours that Nick Clegg has come out of the closet as a gay Labour supporter. Will check it out later.
30 minutes ago from web"

UPDATE 2. The delightful Mr Howells reminds us about this post by Alex which highlights the differences in approach to gay rights between Labour and the Lib Dems.

UPDATE 3: In the interests of balance, lovely Stephen thinks it's a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

More or less my sentiments entirely; already running with this on LDV.

Haribo said...

Has anyone discovered for certain whether or not LabourList was given £100k from Unison?


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