Monday, July 06, 2009

Top Scottish Blogs on Wikio

The Wikio blog rankings are out for July and I've been going through them looking for Scottish political blogs and have been really surprised that I could only find seven in the top hundred.

The Wikio rankings aren't based on visitors to your site, but on the number of other bloggers who link to you. This is supposed to be a measure of how influential you are as a blogger. I think the easiest way for me to view this is complete narcissism - in months when I go up, it will be a very accurate measure, and when I go down, it'll be rubbish! It's also worth saying that people don't necessarily link to people because they like what they're saying. On the occasions I've linked to Iain Dale, or Tom Harris, it's usually because I disagree with them, however well they have expressed their point.

So, here are our Super Seven (sorry, Subrosa, for nicking your phrase)with the UK ranking in brackets:

1. Tom Harris (10)

2. Cute Greek Baby (17)

3. Subrosa (64)

4. SNP Tactical Voting (66)

5. Stephen's Linlithgow Journal (73)

6. Caron's Musings (79)

7. Amused Cynicism (82)

I think there are people who aren't on this list who should be, whose every word I read, like Kez, Yousuf, Andrew, Will, Bernard , Duncan and Malc. Let's hope we can get some more of us in there over the next few months.

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Stephen Glenn said...

Yeah I'm getting slightly worried as there a Lib Dem sneaking up the rail to take my long held spot as the most influential Scottish Lib Dem blog. I think the sooner she is fit and restricted in posting by the contraints of work the fairer the race. ;)

Unknown said...

Wikio had my blog in the wrong place, so didn't start counting me until after I got ill, so we don't know what it would have been.

I just think it's good that both of us are there - we complement each other nicely.

subrosa said...

Jings Caron, I didn't even notice these ratings were out. I've just looked on my own blog!

Like you I have links to blogs of all persuasions but it's essential to read other viewpoints.

Good to know there are females in the list.

Fidothedog said...

Tom Harris?! Oh God he is awful, Mr everything is super, plasma tellys flying off the shelves of Tesco, stop moaning blah blah blah.


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