Sunday, April 25, 2010

Caron's Corkers - 25 April

It's now 10 days since Nick Clegg transformed this election with his stellar performance in the first leaders' debate. The Lib Dems are still riding high in the polls despite the best efforts of the Conservatives and their media pals and the rather pathetic sight of some Labour commentators (that's you, Polly Toynbee) making a case for them to cling on to power because they aren't the Tories.

Here's what Liberal Democrat bloggers are saying about the campaign:

Steph Ashley, in a passionate post that brought tears to my eyes, talks about her disappointment in 2005 and her hopes for this election:

And you are the toy they're fighting over. So, this time around then - stripping you of your rights and liberties, and stealing your money to pay for second homes most of you couldn't afford as first homes: does the government STILL get to win? Please say they don't. Please say you're going to choose something else. I want to wake up on the 7th of May with tears in my eyes, knowing that I am free.

David Matthewman talks practically about what freedom really means and how the Liberal Democrats would deliver.

Clegg and Cameron both talk about change. Wondering who to back? Read Cicero's comparison before you decide.

James takes Polly Toynbee to task in inimitable style.

If there is a clearer and more productive way forward than that in the case of a hung parliament, I haven’t heard of it. So let’s stop all this talk about tactical voting and the risks of getting both Brown and Cameron if you vote Lib Dem. The only thing we know for sure in this election is that a vote for the Liberal Democrats will get you Nick Clegg, Vince Cable, more Lib Dem MPs and a stronger Lib Dem mandate for change. Everything else is just noise.

Finlly, from the man of the moment himself, in his own words, from his closing statement last Thursday night: "people are beginning to hope that we can do something different this time."

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Millennium Dome said...

Dear Auntie Caron,

You have picked four posts that I have been really impressed and moved by this weekend.

Well done you.

Everyone else: GO READ!

Luv from Millennium
MM xx


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