Saturday, April 03, 2010

F1, Doctor Who and Chocolate - could this weekend get any more exciting?

The day before Easter Sunday last year I was in a bit of a frenzy of excitement. There was Dr Who, sunshine and family and David Tennant and Catherine Tate on the radio.

This year not much has changed - no David and Catherine but we have the new Doctor Who series starting this evening and there's a Grand Prix as well to throw into the mix. Malaysia is usually an exciting race because Bernie Ecclestone, in his wisdom, has timed both qualifying and the race for the time of day when you can rely on cloudbursts at the Sepang circuit. This isn't just a wee shower - this is proper RAIN in capitals, underlined and written in waterproof red pen.

Anna and Bob are heading into Edinburgh to see the Doctor Who preview thingy on Festival Square. I am a bit jealous, but am not feeling great healthwise. I have been overdoing it right to the boundary of extreme stupidity in the run up to the election being called. I should point out that what I have been doing is spectacularly useless and pathetic in comparison to what I consider to be an acceptable level of General Election campaigning activity. Yesterday was one of these days when I wasn't flat out in bed, but it just felt that every part of my body was out of focus just a tiny bit. Anyway, next week isn't going to get any better so I'm going to be sensible and stay home. Bob and Anna have promised to take lots of photos and video.

I shall do a bit of blogging, a bit of work, a bit of shopping. I was reminded in no uncertain terms the other day that the Easter Bunny ALWAYS brings a new cuddly toy rabbit, because, obviously, it can see that we have a complete shortage of cuddly toys in this house. By complete shortage I mean that there is just about room for 3 people in the place along with the Puppies in My Pocket, Littlest Pet Shops and various cuddly toys. Anna's school has been organising cuddly toy and book sales for their Lent appeal over the past few weeks. The kids were supposed to bring in stuff to sell. You might as well have asked Anna to cut off her own arm. Toys and books have a one way unrestricted pass into this house and none can ever leave. Anyway, just in case the EB forgets, I'd better make sure I have one in reserve.

Then it's an evening of the Doctor followed by the Dorothies. And Stephen is coming over for a takeaway curry from Zaika, which is as far as I'm concerned, the best Indian restaurant in the entire world. In a startling piece of symmetry, he was here this time last year too.

So good tv, good sport, good chocolate, good curry and good company. What more could anybody ask for?

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